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About Us

JA Collection is a family owned business, designed and developed to express the different personalities of our family dynamic and creativity. Our family of 6 has a wide range of different style tastes. We have the athletic 6'5, 14 year old who lives and breathes basketball and dresses accordingly. Next we have the 17 year old diva who also expresses her sense of style in a sporty fashion as a basketball player and additionally expresses herself withe her music & make-up. Our 12 year old daughter is our artist and creates on a canvas. She hasn't quite found her style yet but it is far from girly. Our youngest son is 9 and still learning his identity and his expression is through his gaming. The mister of the JA brand expresses his fashion is the form of a chameleon. He can be urban in his dress down but also enjoys the upscale GQ trends. Mrs JA is everything girly, from dresses to jewelry, to make up. 


As you browse through the JA Collection you will see a taste of each of our varying personalities. We hope you enjoy and find pieces that express your personality. 

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